Queen of Amsterdam

Feature film

When the café-owner from Chez Nous has financial problems, six ordinary regular customers organize a squat and steal a valuable necklace from a heavily guarded museum. Queen of Amsterdam is about the ‘gay friendly ‘pub ‘Chez Nous’ which, threatened bij bankruptcy, might be sold to a powerful nightlife proprietor. To prevent this sale the regular customers, an extra ordinary group of friend, plan to commit a heist during the Amsterdam Gay pride. They want to steal a diamond necklace, which is worth millions of euros, from the Amsterdam Museum and hope to escape and save their favorite hangout this way. Will the succeed?

Cast: Alex Klaasen, Thomas Acda, Jack Wouterse, Isa Hoes, Achmed Akkabi, Tobias Nierop, Peter Faber, Tina de Bruin, Frans van Deursen, Frederik Brom en John Leddy
Produced by: BosBros, Ciné Cri de Coeur,
Entertainment One, NTR
Written by: Frank Houtappels, Joan Nederlof
DOP: Rolf Dekens NSC
Directed by:
Tim Oliehoek
Genre: Komedie
Year: 2013

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