Feature film

Bram is very good friends with his cousin Haas. Faris, Haas’ uncle, manages the pizzeria of Bram’s father. After Bram’s father and Faris get into conflict with each other, Faris decides to leave and start his own pizzeria on the other side of the street. A true pizza war erupts between the two pizzeria, putting Bram and Haas’ friendship under a lot of pressure.

Cast: Ilias Ojja, Mamoun Elyounoussi, Sabri Saad El Hamus, Hakim Traïda and Sallie Harmsen
Produced by: Produced by IDTV Film, BFD, BNN
Written by: Khalid Boudou (book), Luuk van Bemmelen, Simon de Waal
DOP: Rolf Dekens NSC
Directed by: Tim Oliehoek
Genre: Drama
Year: 2011

Making of

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