Television series – 4 x 48 min

The four-chapter series follows a battalion after their return from an international mission in Uruzgan, Afghanistan in 2010. The soldiers are traumatized by an incident during their mission. Their patrol was confronted with an IED (improvised explosive device) explosion followed by an ambush by the Taliban. However, the air support they requested led to civilian casualties and an investigation into the incident.
The war is still in their minds and at home they must fight for recognition of their work and mission in Afghanistan.

Cast: Bram Suijker, Lykele Muus, Minne Koole, Melody Klaver, Genelva Krind, Casper Nusselder, Jouman Fattal, Tobias Nierop, Ariane Schluter, Mamoun Elyounoussi and Frans van Deursen
Produced by: BNNVARA
Written by: Paul Jan Nelissen, Peter de Graef, Jeroen Horrevorts en Elisabeth Lodeizen
DOP: Coen Stroeve NSC
Directed by: Tim Oliehoek
Genre: Dramaserie, singleplay
Year: 2021

Nominee: Prix Europa (2021)

Making of

Behind the scenes