Dutch director of feature films, series & commercials.

For production companies, broadcasters, streaming services & advertising agencies.

Tim Oliehoek

Dutch film director

Tim Oliehoek is a Dutch director of feature films, series and commercials. He twice received the Golden Calf for Best Television Drama.

Director Tim Oliehoek moved from the south of Holland to Amsterdam at the age of 18 to attend the Dutch Filmers Academy. Just a couple of years after graduating he established himself as a director with the debut feature film’ Too fat too furious’ (Dutch title ‘Vet Hard’) which was a critical and box office success.

Tim has been a fully booked director ever since. Working on award winning feature films, tv-series and commercials. He loves living and working in Amsterdam but is always keeping an open mind for international projects. Tim is represented by 25FPS.

On Arcadia set with Monic Hendrickx and Ellie de Lange